• Water Collector Ring
  • For Rodia FB750W and FB1200W Tile Drills
  • Max. Bit Diameter: 2 7/8"

The Rodia Cobra is a Vacuum Water Collector Ring for Rodia Tile Drills. Max. Bit Diameter Ø2 7/8" (73 mm).
Incl. Plug for Wet Vacuum Cleaner and Vacuum Compartment for fixation to wall or floor.

    Rodia Cobra
Part #   40.00.052
Premium Tile Bit Range Inch 1/6" - 2 7/8"



Rodia Tile Bits Premium

Premium Quality Tile Bits for FB750W. Bit Life 300+ Holes and Excellent Cutting Finish.


Rodia Polishing
Pad Kit

For Wet Polishing of Granite.
Fits Rodia FB750W and FB1200W Angular Tile Drills.

Rodia Dressing Stone

For Dull or Glazed Bits.

Part # 77.12.001



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